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Ecom Bunny Theme will provide you great features of sales funnel which means that you can make your sales funnel with upselling without using any other paid source or application.
Get Instant Access Now For Just  $197, ONLY $99
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What happens after the payment procedure is done?
After the completion of the payment, you will be redirected to the Ecom Bunny membership site’s registration page, then, there you just need to get yourself register, once you are done with that, you will get an instant access.
Q. Are the updates included in the total price?
Yes, you need not to pay again and again.  We will provide you with lifetime free updates. In other words, you will be getting lifetime new features to update notifications in Ecom Bunny theme.
Q. Can I make sales funnel without using any application?
Yes, you can make your sales funnel by using ECOM BUNNY THEME, and that too for free of cost.  We won’t ever ask you to pay more we provide this feature free of charge for our members.
Q. Is there any monthly fee which we need to pay?
No, Ecom Bunny theme requires only one-time payment. The moment you are done with it, we won’t ever ask you to pay for anything else. You can certainly avail the benefits of all the features of ECOM BUNNY for the lifetime.
Q. Are there any tutorials available to help me out?
Yes, as soon as you will be done with your registration process you will then simply able to reach out to our tutorials, where you will understand everything steps by step.

Our tutorials will also help you know about how to install Ecom Bunny theme, how to activate your license, how to design your store within few minutes also how to set up the upsell and sales funnel features and last but not the least, how to operate and use all other features of Ecom Bunny. These tutorials are way too simple to go through with and easy to understand, once you will watch the tutorials, you will not face any kind of hurdle. So don’t worry about any sort of issues. You will be provided by us each and every step, just follow our tutorials, go through each and every step and then you won’t even need any kind of expert to design your store’s theme, you will get this work done by yourself.
Q. Which other applications do we need to install with Ecom Bunny?
You just need to install two other applications with Ecom Bunny theme. The 1st one is PRODUCT REVIEW BY SHOPIFY, and the 2nd one is OBERLO APP. After downloading these two applications you need not to download any other application since we all these three applications will be sufficient to work with, and also we have already added the special and major feature in the theme of Ecom Bunny.

So, why to spend bucks on other sources or applications, when we are getting benefits of all the essential features of ECOM BUNNY.
Q. Can I use ecom theme on more than one store?
No, with one purchase you will get only one license, but if you need multiple store license then you can directly contact us by visiting our membership area, there you will get options to get connect with us, we will further let you know the best deal to avail the feature of multiple licenses.
Q. Will you provide me support and guidance when I will buy your theme?
Supporting and guiding our members is our priority. So don’t worry we will provide you our best support, our 24/7 live chat feature is always available to assist all our members, we ensure you to provide prompt response and easy solutions to your problems.
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